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Isuzu Industrial - EPA Tier 4 Final

 Need dependable power for an industrial application? Let us provide you with the exact diesel engine to get the job done. We offer a large variety of models with power outputs ranging from 9 to over 500 hp. Our engines have a legendary reputation for reliability, and innovative technologies that make diesel engines quieter, more efficient and cleaner burning.


Isuzu Industrial - EPA Tier 3 - Interim Tier 4

Isuzu Marine - EPA Tier 1 - EPA Tier 2 

isuzu marine M&L Engine
isuzu engin, M&L Engine

General Motors

general motors (GM) M&L Engine
GM commercial grade generators

We offer Gaseous fueled units ranging from 30-275 hp. Our design provides you with flexibility and value to give you a product that is a perfect fit for your application. We build custom Commercial Grade Generators. We have experience building gaseous fueled power units for the irrigation & oil field industries. We can also up-fit our natural gas units to run off of well head gas for more cost efficient units in the oil field.

(83 - 252 HP LPG/Natural Gas) radiator cooled


kohler diesel M&L Engine
kohler diesel M&L Engine
kohler air cooled engines
kohler liquid cooled engines
kohler engines

Mud Boat Power-Train Package  -  Gasoline

Combining a Kohler gasline engine with a ZF 15M (formerly Hurth) transmission, our mud boat power-train packages are a robust, reliable solution. We offer both carbureted and EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engines. All packages have all three postions, foward, neutral, and reverse, so you can put your boat right where you need to.

Air Cooled  -  Diesel

KOHLER air-cooled diesel engines set new standards for power and engineering excellence. From direct injection technology to full pressure lubrication, every component contributes to powerful performance and durability. EPA certified engines from 6.7 HP to 34.9 HP.

Air Cooled Power Units



Liquid Cooled  -  Diesel

KOHLER liquid-cooled diesel engines set new standards for power and engineering excellence. Top-notch fuel injection technology delivers power and saves on fuel while the belt-driven, overhead camshaft and low-turbulence make for quieter operation. EPA certified engines from 16.8 HP to 64.4 HP.

Liquid Cooled Power Units


KDI Electronic Common Rail

KOHLER electronic common rail engines are liquid-cooled, direct injection and Tier 4 final compliance mean less maintenance and lower operating cost. EPA certified engines from 56 hp to 102 HP.

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