2845 Hwy 311 Schriever, LA 70395


4X 4.3L

Manufacturer: GM
"GM 4X 4.3L - 70HP @ 1800 RPM (53HP Cont.@ 1800 RPM) - EPA Certified - Industrial Natural Gas - 4.3 Liter 6 Cylinder Power Unit Complete with: Electronic Fuel System, Radiator, Fan Guard, Radiator Hoses, Muffler/Catalyst, Air Cleaner, Front and Rear Engine Support Legs, Auto/Manual Start Control Panel with Key Switch, Safety Shutdown System, Throttle, Oil and Fuel Filters, 12 Volt Electrics, SAE 3"" Rear Housing/ SAE 11.5"" Flywheel, Owner's Manual, and Shop Tested."
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